Quick start guide

1. Create a Mirkat account

  1. In your browser, go to Mirkat.
  2. Follow the steps on screen to set up your account.

After creating a Mirkat account, Mirkat will perform an initial dark web scan and start monitoring for threats.

2. Review your dark web scan results

After creating a Mirkat account, an initial dark web scan is performed. Mirkat looks for your stolen sensitive information, including passwords and, if you upgraded to Mirkat+, account credentials, credit cards, bank accounts, and other personal information. An analysis is performed to determine if any found information posses a threat to you.

At the top of the feed is a summary of the scan, indicating if any sensitive information was found or a potential threat was determined. Threats are listed below the summary, with each threat card including a summary of the threat and the sensitive information found.

Handling a threat

We recommend you review each threat and take the appropriate recommended action to mitigate the risk.

  • Use the What should I do? button if you want to learn more about the threat and review the recommended actions to take.
  • Use the Dismiss button to mark the threat as handled and remove it from the feed.

All past handled threats can be revisited on the threat history screen.

3. Maximise your protection

Mirkat monitors the dark web for sensitive information associated with your email address. For example, the email address used when signing up for an online account, or opening a bank account, or applying for a passport.
Your Mirkat account email address is used initially, however you can easily add additional email addresses.

Monitor additional email addresses

    1. Click    button in the top right.
    2. Click the Settings menu item.
    3. Click Monitoring in the sidebar.
    4. Click the Add email address button.
    5. Follow the steps on screen.
    1. Tap button in the top right.
    2. Tap the Settings button.
    3. Under Monitoring, tap the Add email address button.
    4. Follow the steps on screen.

Another dark web scan is performed for each newly added email address.

4. Watch out for any Mirkat notifications

Mirkat will continuously scan the dark web for your sensitive information and immediately notify you by email of any potential threats. Additionally, open Mirkat anytime to see the latest dark web scan results or review threats that put you at risk.