How do I create an account?

Welcome to Mirkat! Let’s set you up so you can keep your accounts and money from being hijacked.

Registration is free. Once you have a confirmed Mirkat account, you’ll be able to receive alerts for exposed passwords for the email address you use for your app and web accounts.

To register for a Mirkat account on the Mirkat app:

  1. Download and open the Mirkat app on iOS.
  2. Tap Sign up for free.
  3. Provide your most commonly used email address to create an account and tap Next.
  4. To verify your email address, Mirkat will send a verification code to your inbox. Check your inbox, provide the code, and tap Verify my email.
  5. Finally, create a password.
  6. Tap Create account.
  7. To ensure you receive timely alerts of new threats, accept the permission to allow Mirkat to send you notifications.

You’re all set!

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